Technology and data provider relations

Introduction of technologies and spatial data providers involved with activities.

Technology stack expertise and relationships

Throughout my professional journey I have been working and partnering with many technology provider and data repository platforms in order to deliver client requirements.

Within the spatial business segment my primary focus is working with ESRI's ArcGIS Enterprise artefacts, which includes customization, design and deployment of components of this information technology ecosystem. In my early days of my career such expertise were mainly focused on advanced ArcMap operations, Python scripting and developing web applications with ArcGIS JavaScript API. From this area I slowly moved to the geospatial system architectures and gained invaluable expertise on multiple server-side components of this system. My most recent workloads were mainly revolving around system and component upgrades henceforth being an expert on customizations of ArcGIS Experience builder and ArcGIS Pro add-in developments.

My expertise with Microsoft technologies encompass significant exposure to Microsoft Azure including IAC authoring and revisions. In terms of classical software and application development I have been exposed to various desktop and server side components of the .NET framework (UWP/WPF/WebForms/MVC) and I am a seasoned C# developer. In order to fortify business relations and authorative expertise I have successfuly registered my business entity under the Microsoft Professional Partner Program in Australia.

Whilst my commercial involvement with Java technologies are becoming less and less prevalent I do have some solid background with open-source Java technologies and my personal spatial backend routines - as well as this website - are all based on Java and Apache Software Foundation products.

Data provider relationships

Since majority of my business endeavors are highly geospatial related henceforth this section is mainly related to this business segment.

I have been an active user as well as the platform maintainer of the Queensland Spatial Catalouge and I have an active subscription with the platform. I am also an active user of the NOAA-16, 17 and 18 satellite data repositories and various other Australian government data subscription service - including the Bureau of Meteorology free and premium services.

I have also been actively working with PlanetLabs satellite imagery API and whilst I do not have access to their premium services anymore I am able to provide assistance in managing and operating subscriptions and custom-made applications interfacing the repository.