Real Time Lightning Data Service

Atmospheric lightning data service covering the US, southern-western Canada, Central-America, New Zealand and the Pacific Ocean from January, 1st, 2023.

The Real Time Lightning Data Service is the first release of the result of one of our core expertise - unstructured geospatial data indexing. The data service is based upon the GOES-18 GLM Level 2 data stored on AWS S3 and with this service our users can easily query atmospheric lightning condition in any given area at any given time without the need to create customized data processing and indexing service.

We have built a dynamically spatial-indexing routine that runs on mature open-source server side components and provides a near-real time service - which means that as soon as the satellite data is saved on S3 it is immediately becomes indexed and presented to the users. Furthermore, our uniquely designed database model ensures that regardless the quantity of atmospheric lightning data is indexed we can provide the service with the same latency and responsiveness.

To get access to this near-real time lightning data API solutions please contact us.

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