Flag of Ukraine
Flag of Ukraine

War in Ukraine - Online maps reproduced from published media resources

You most likely already know the tragic situation that is under way in Ukraine. Whilst we are not trying to put ourselves in the situation where we would formulate any political message - even by accident yet it has been decided that we would try to capture all information possible and put this on a map.

This is indeed a difficult task as the quality of information resource from that area is rather poor, lots of disinformation is happening in the media and generally speaking not many of us really know what is currently going on.

What we try to establish here is a data capture activity whereby we would capture every information from published resource, capture the related points and polygons and publish it on an online web map. With this matter we could track the situation as much as possible and provide an overview to out visitors.

We would like to thank Microsoft Bing Maps to give us the free credits to present such map.