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The Big List of JavaScript Mapping API's

If you are a front-end developer you most likely come across with some of these mapping API's. So what is making one better than the other? That is a question I cannot answer - everyone has its preferences. 

Which means the ranking of this list is rather arbitrary. Still good to have a bit of an overview on these - if you know a mapping API I missed out message me and I add it to the list.

  1. ESRI JavaScript API
  2. Bing Maps V8
  3. Google Maps API
  4. OpenLayers
  5. LeafletJS
  6. Mapbox GLJS
  7. Here Maps SDK
  8. Cesium JS
  9. Yandex Maps SDK
  10. Carto JS
  11. Baidu Maps JavaScript SDK

That's pretty much all I could come up with. Once again - let me know if I missed any major one out.